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About Us

A-1 Chikki was established in the 1950's by Shri. Dev Shankarji Vyas in the beautiful town called Lonavala. He always believed in providing the finest chikki products to the customers. His immense passion and hardwork helped in creating A-1 Chikki known for its quality and taste. His son Shri. Rameshji Vyas (owner) succeeded in transforming a family business in a small town to a brand known worldwide. 

Here at A-1 Chikki we provide fresh handmade chikki made from the best quality of dryfruits, nuts and jaggery. Chikki here is prepared by the traditional way, no machinery and purely handmade. As we manufacture small batches there is high quality control over all our products. The only brand that offers the best quality at a reasonable price resulting in highest customer satisfaction.

About Us
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Chikki (Brittle) is a traditional Indian sweet candy (Nutrional Bar) made from nuts and jaggery. The awesome combination of peanuts and jaggery was one of the first forms of chikki. Rich, healthy and nutritious dryfruits and nuts were combined with sugar and glucose resulting to new flavours and varities of chikki. Chikki has different names in different parts of the world. In India, Lonavala is known as the hub of the chikki industry. 

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Fudge - a yummy confectionery made of sugar, butter, dryfruits and nuts combined with dry-milk. The history of its origin remains unclear but It is known to be an American invention. The first recorded evidence of fudge dates back to the year 1866.

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